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Attendance Summary 2017-2018


Meaning Present Absent Alternate Not applicable


NA may indicate a cancelled meeting, that an individual was unaccounted for in the minutes, or was not a member at the time.


Member Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug
Lisa Garza A
Luis Hernandez
Erin Hill
Michelle Hollenbaugh
Jim Lee
Miguel Moreno
Riccardo Mozzachiodi A
Dorina Murgulet
Brien Nicolau
Jennifer Pollack A A A A
Phyllis Robertson 
Alexey Sadovski
Leslee Schauer A
Sarah Scott
Elizabeth Sefcik
Michael Starek NA NA
Gail Sutton A
Trent Thigpen
Philippe Tissot
Michael Wetz A
Kim Withers (Ex-officio Faculty Senate) A
David Yoskowitz
Brandi Kiel Reese (Pollack)
Jocelyn Gutierrez (Schauer)  
Phyliss Robertson (Sutton)
Brien Nicolau (Mozzachiodi)
Marilyn Douglas (Garza)
Dorina Murgulet (Withers)
Riccardo Mozzachiodi (Wetz)
Joshua Gonzalez (Dir. Information Technology)
Roy Coons (Dir. Environmental Health & Safety)  
Debra Cortinas (Dir. Human Resources)
Cassondra Cassanova (Human Resources)
Terry Tatum (Exec. VP Finance & Administration)
Ed Evans (Assoc. VP Information Technology)